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Mr Syl Juxon Smith

International Trade, Business, Security Consult

Mr Samy Doppelt - DIAMAX  

International Finance, Mineral Valuator, Investor, Strategic Partner 


TransAfrica2000 has been dealing in communications, information, technology since 1987 in Sierra Leone, becoming a full line distributor for all MOTOROLA Products and services, including other products in PABX Systems with AT&T Barphone of France, SOLAREX of Germany including software and servicing, with technical support personnel from Israel and UK, as well as strategic Partnership with Mr Samy Doppelt of Diamant S Langer, Antwerp, Belgium. Due to the escalation of the war all activities and operations were severely disrupted.  

In the year 2002, TransAfrica2000(GH)Ltd was opened in Accra, as one of the first few company promoting the concept of integrated security solutions with digital technology in security and physical convergence with an Home Grown Concept. The company have given seminars, workshops and advice to regional governments, security outfits, industries, companies both the private and public sectors. Delivered a paper at the luncheon meeting of the West Africa Business Association (WABA) in February 2003 on TECHNOLOGY IN SECURITY complimenting efforts in deficiency. 

In association with Three Lions Security Ltd of London, were involved in sensitizing governmental institutions including the KOTOKA AIRPORT and TEMA HARBOR authorities in opting for an integrated solution for their security needs in 2002, which was adopted into a tender bid proposal in which both companies did participated. It is our intention to assist the government, commerce and industry of Ghana and Africa with the development of a security industry that will serve to support and protect nations assets as a joint enterprise, where everyone benefits and there are no losers (except the rogue and criminals of course). The security of a nations assets, however invested, are paramount.  The protection of the people responsible for those assets is an imperative.  

[Africa is Fast Emerging as the Gateway, a Stakeholder and Global Partner]

Governments must be proactive and coming to terms with the Golden Age of Business Philosophy and the realities of  “globalization,” NEPAD and AGOA Visions, the results of which will provide the firmest possible foundation for its people to prosper in the coming years and for the rest of this century. Many governments has stated publicly its intent and its objectives for a new ethos. There are no easy options. There can be no free rides. Security is a concept that impinges on the lives of every citizen at every level. Be they crop farmers protecting the welfare of their stock and produce or government ministers with the heady responsibility of their constituents and the well being of the nation on their shoulders – they all have something to protect – on behalf of the people for whom they are responsible.  Family, friends, constituents, shareholders, the citizen at large; all are part of that integral institution from which none can be isolated or divorced. The society and culture that inspires their daily lives. 

For Africa in general to fully realize its true and real potential, the bitter nettle has to grasped and grasped very firmly.  (It is said that the tighter a nettle is gripped the less it hurts?).  The more prosperous the nation of Ghana becomes so it will attract the less honest and scrupulous members of its society to act against it. But perhaps more critical will be the temptation to international criminals and crime syndicates. The risks to criminals may increase but then so will the potential rewards. What is the possible scenario whilst a negative attitude is adopted? What is the consequence of the zero option? Burglary, theft and armed robberies will continue to increase. What additional opportunities will be afforded to international terrorists to set up operational bases or cells? Fraudsters will become more and more confident. Crime never goes away. The countering of crime in the world today needs constant vigilance.  Recent history bares its own witness. 

The elimination of the fear factor is the lock, which the key imperative operates. A properly structured security operated by people with the right attitudes, a strong code of ethics and highly trained personnel will bring enormous benefits to the African Institutions and the continent at large. It will promote investment –companies can operate with confidence.  It will promote a sense of well begin – the people will secure in the knowledge that there is an assured response if they are the subject of a criminal act against themselves or their property.  It will deter acts of theft, robbery and violence.  It will promote tourism and attract all the benefits that brings by raising the international standing of African countries and bringing valuable foreign currency.  It will enable the greater promotion of business and cultural exchanges with other nations around the world. 

Our venture is an industry supervised by security consultants in wide area of expertise in projects; support and maintained by trained Africans for the African continent and its people. Strategic liaison at the outset has been built on mutual trust with a clear understanding of roles and a clear definition of objectives. New operators, such as the joint venture between TransAfrica2000(GH) Ltd and its strategic partners IGV UK Ltd have as a prime directive the requirement to adopt the African culture and become part of the nations tapestry.  Equally the people and their attitude to the protection of their assets may need to change?  This will be no easy matter for either party.  It is said that only changed people can change things. It is attitudes that determine actions. A beginning must be made and it must be made now.

There is a company in our group that specializes in all to do with telecommunications, public safety and security.  The scope of operation is really quite broad. They can accomplish most needs. The success of their business has been built on their ability to collate all the right and necessary resources to correctly design, manage and complete a project. We firmly believe that it is the careful identification of the client’s real needs, coupled to the employment of expertise that precisely matches the operational criteria – but more importantly it is the efficient management of the resources – that ensures real success. 

What is the essence of TransAfrica2000

     ·    Build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.

·     Develop common sense, cost effective, technical solutions.

·     Apply best practices at all levels of operation.

·     Operate an open book, full disclosure policy.

·     Develop & train local workforce to be self-sufficient.

·     Introduce innovative solutions in line with local conditions & constraints.

TransAfrica2000 works with Strategic Partners for an HOME GROWN SOLUTION for Africa’s Technology and Security Needs.


In furtherance to observations from our market research, potential clients and users would prefer trained personnel manned their infrastructure. Giving credence to the customer’s points well taken and very salient, we have designed a concept of bringing on-board local enthusiast and security personnel who we are now training in:


These successful individuals will be assigned to our clients on request to supervise, facilitate efficient use and maintenance of their investments, which will in turn develop an in house solution, knowledge and experience with individuals chosen by clients on knowledgeable criteria and merits to handle systems and infrastructure.

In our conclusion, it is imperative and very necessary to have ethical and trained people to manage your technology investments and security, or your intentions would have gone in vain and down the drain. The staff you choose are as good as the system you will put in place. 

TransAfrica2000/IGV UK LTD advices our clients well and in confidence ensuring that THE ABC of SECURITY is understood and adopted in all cases. Your infrastructure is as good as those chosen to manned, operate or oversee it!


How do they operate? 

Who should install your system?

How much should you pay? 

What about IP?

What about digital? 

What about the Law? 

Whether you are new to security or getting “up to speed” with emerging issues and trend you will find the answers with us…Proper defined vital infrastructure protection security and safety business plan could be one of the essential keys in encouraging investments and creating the correct “mind-set” for future success......!


The challenges Africa faces cannot be underestimated. The resourcefulness of its people will be severely tested.  The opportunities for the African people to enjoy a new wave of prosperity, peace and harmony have never been more real than they are now. The only way in which TransAfrica2000 is going to be able to take full advantage of this new era of opportunity is by developing and building a business that takes full account of the needs, wishes and desires of the people and Africa in general. The development of a joint strategy is imperative.

Security is an absolute priority and the protection of the country’s assets is paramount.



  # Protection of Peoples Homes

  # Protection of the work place, be it Shop, Office, Factory or Bank

  # Protection of Manufacturing and processing Plants

  # Protection of Public Utilities

  # Protection of Water Supplies and Pumping Stations

  # Protection of Power Generating Plants

  # Protection of City Centers, Buildings and Neighborhood

  # Transport: Airports; Docks; Storage & Shipping Depots; Highways; Border Control Points; Customs Control