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CCTV Security Solutions for Temporary or Permanent Sites: House, Estate, Business, Industries etc

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Theft and vandalism from site is a now a serious issue in Africa with traditional security methods proving to be no longer effective. Furthermore with the new workplace Health & Safety legislative requirements companies are wanting a record of activity on their sites.

TransAfrica2000 Integrated Provider is now adding in its security brand and portfolio offering a range of rental CCTV and security systems designed for temporary, semi-permanent, remote and changing sites. These are ideal for construction sites, event management, estates, residential premises, banks, forex bureau, business premises, utility or industrial sites and public space areas.

Our rental systems all include high definition 1,3 & 5MP  (megapixel) IP CCTV integrated with advanced security features for a truly comprehensive solution including our CLOUD SURVEILLANCE SOLUTIONS by IVIDEON.

Advanced motion detection technology prompts the cameras to record 24/7 or after-hours depending on your needs. The high definition images give excellent picture detail allowing for any incidences to be investigated and resolved promptly. In addition site and project managers can remote view both live and recorded footage for on-the-spot decision making, even when not present.

Monitoring and recording site activity has many benefits from improved site management and security through to better relationships with clients and contractors. Access to high quality, high definition images and footage is a great advantage.

The systems can also be completely stand alone. Options can include 3G or 4G security technology so no internet connection is required on site. And if the site has no permanent power the systems can run on their own batteries. The batteries can either charge from the site generator during the day or be solar powered.

The system is customised for site requirements, installed on-site in our DEMO SHOWROOM at affordable daily rate, including monitoring. Systems are available for rent from as little as as GH300 to GH1000 monthly depending on choice of CCTV selected.    On completion of the rental the system will be decommissioned and removed from the site option to purchase.

Standard features

  • Integrated CCTV and security features – for a truly comprehensive site solution
  • From 1 to 36 cameras – depending on site size and requirements
  • 1MP to 5MP on high resolution cameras – specifications chosen to suit the site
  • IR illuminators – so the cameras can see and record in the dark
  • Advanced motion detection – customised for the site
  • IVIDEON NVR with suitable storage capacity (around 30 days as standard) plus easily save and export footage
  • 24/7 remote view access to live and recorded footage with set-up included

Options include

  • Time lapse video – created from one still shot automatically captured from the site each day (can be used for promotional purposes such as client look-books, documenting an event from start to finish or to showcase a completed build etc)
  • 3G/4G GSM modem for sites with no internet coverage – works anywhere with Spark coverage
  • Solar powered – for a completely stand alone system
  • 96 hour battery back up with fast charging from your site generator
  • Trailer mounted, portable and stand alone with rapid deployment – for remote or vulnerable sites
  • Centralised monitoring and control – for larger sites or multi-site
  • Flexible monitoring options – depending on the system it can be stand alone, self-monitored via smartphone or full third party live operator response 24/7 or after hours
  • Guard response to intruder detection – on a call-out charge basis

Rental costs

  • Rent for 6 to 12Month (30 day minimum rental)
  • Installation and set up plus recovery of camera at end of the hire period from GH300 to GH1000 
  • Ask us for a quote for other Ghana locations
  • GSM data costs are additional – these will vary depending on the area protected and amount of motion detected
  • Guard call out (if required) costs are additional and vary by area
  • Contact us on 0302226755, 0244205118, 0541155664 or for more information
  • Security GSM Alarms                                  Keep your premises secure with a tailored security system for rental or hiring

Knight Guard - Home Security Kits


By utilizing a wide range of security sensors (wireless passive infrared motion sensor, wireless smoke sensor, wireless CO detector, wireless flood sensor), the alarm system can protect your home from intrusion, smoldering fire, carbon monoxide leakage, basement flooding.

Our GSM-ALARM SYSTEM range from simple wireless alarms suitable for single offices to complex systems with multiple areas and access levels.

We can upgrade and monitor your existing system or install, maintain and monitor a new intruder alarm system that best suits your security requirements.

TransAfrica2000 Integrated Solutions Provider is a Ghana/UK based company that can assist with a wide spectrum of security requirements for your premises. A successful solution may involve not only a surveillance system but also security system integration complete with alarm monitoring and guard response, GSM monitoring, access control, or GPS tracking.

We offer a Ghana  wide on-site consultation and survey service as well as a range of install ready product only packs. To learn more please call our friendly team on 0302227655 or contact us on

      eRobot IP WiFi Home Security Camera with PIR sensorOutdoor WiFi security cameraFull HD 1080p pan tilt WiFi CameraOutdoor IR PTZ Network Camera 1080POutdoor Mini IP PTZ Camera 1.3MP

  • Recommended for
  • Sites where high resolution recording of all site activity is advantageous
  • Busy sites – such as construction sites with a high level of contractor activity or public areas/events with a high volume of visitors
  • Remote or isolated locations
  • Sites where clients remain on the premises – such as residential re-clads
  • Sites that run 24-hours a day
  • Sites which can be easily accessed after hours
  • Sites with comprehensive H&S requirements and/or wishing to improve H&S compliance
  • High risk sites – with a history of theft and/or vandalism or with high value equipment left on site
  • Building sites with project managers who managing multiple sites at the same time
  • Sites with no power and/or internet connection

The TransAfrica has extensive experience in customising security systems. Whether you have a single site or a sensitive multi-site / Multi-asset comprehensive project, our team can work with you to design a system for your requirements.


AIRPORTS, HARBORS, MILITARY, POLICE, BANKS, ESTATES, FACTORIES, EMBASSIES, RESIDENCE, HOTELS ETC: When we plan a security system, perimeter security is the first defense line. Perimeter protection is crucial, it alerts you before intruders enter your premises, or deter them effectively to prevent crime happens. Active Infrared beam sensors as known as photoelectric beams have been widely applied to this application, simply because they provide reliable and accurate detection when comparing with other available technology. TransAfrica2000 herein present you an innovative Infrared beam sensor which utilizes solar panel as the power supply, so that you are able to create a completely wire-free wireless alarm system that uses green-energy.

This solar beam sensor can not work standalone, it should work with wireless alarm panels. We provides several wireless alarm panels that support GSM and Wi-Fi to work with it. To setup a completely wire-free alarm system, you just need to buy a pair of solar powered wireless beam sensor, a set of wireless alarm panel, if your budget is sufficient you even can add a solar powered wireless strobe siren which can provide a strong visual and audible deterrent.



Smart Wireless Battery CCTV Portable Camera...."Coming Soon"

Smart Home Wireless Battery Camera

Smart Security Battery IP Camera {StandAlone or Carry Anywhere}

1. 1080p auto motion tracking 360 wireless camera 

2. Unique Auto tracking function
3. Plug and Play
4. Battery powered, Built-in Wifi
5. Support memory card up to 128gb
6. Pan Function is very responsive and interactive
7. User-friendly App,The app is available on all Android and iOS devices
8. Two-way audio is available that is clear and distant
9. Amazing 1080p video quality that captures crisp, rich and bright videos even during night mode

10. Smart & Accurate alerts


SOON COMING TO THE MARKET: For Mobile Money Merchants, Foreign Exchange Bureau, Kiosks, Mobile Trading Business and many operations for providing security and safety needs. 



Call us to learn more about our LATEST Hiring, Rental or Selling Security Solutions. We tailor each solution for your needs and requirements. Make sure you contact us or phone on 0302226755, 0244205118 or 0541155664 

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"Rent-A-CCTV is a new concept to Ghana and West African market cutting cost making security technology available and affordable to the people in LOW TIER, MID TIER Costs"