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We Provide Site Survey

Complete Site Survey, Security Risk and Threat Assessment Portfolios

We are providing many companies with a complete solutions for turnkey site security and asset protection.
From site surveys, design, through to installation for many solutions, ongoing maintenance, alarm monitoring and response, can provide you with a complete integrated site security package or just certain elements of the package if you prefer. 
Our high quality choice of products can be used to protect your site, they are an ideal deterrent to prevent metal and cable theft. As all the products can be integrated with portable systems, it is simple to move them around a changing site or to another location. This makes our tailor made systems ideal for temporary deployment or permanent. 
They can also be used to remotely monitor project management and ensure that Health and Safety guidelines are being followed. The products that are used most often today in many countries for site security are mobile site dome and Tower range solar backup CCTV.



Housing CCTV Surveillance, Perimeter & Alarm Solutions



TransAfrica2000 has design security systems for ESTATES AND HOUSING groups to prevent crime and reduce issues of vandalism, violence and anti-social behavior by both overt and covert surveillance solutions. We can provide your business or project with a complete package including site survey, bespoke products, and installation and monitoring, while others have purchased products and provided the other services themselves, it is up to you.....!

CCTV Surveillance Maintenance Service Plans

Get the most out of your surveillance system with a maintenance service agreement from us. 
With a team of specialist communication and security engineers with us and can call on international specialists who are our strategic partners, we can provide your business with a surveillance maintenance service plan that best suits your business needs and requirements. Our service plans are setup to ensure your security products are working to their optimum performance, TransAfrica2000 can provide your business with a customized maintenance plan which suits your surveillance needs. Plans are designed to ensure the following:

General Maintenance Plan Tasks

  1. Customer Support from our 24 hour support engineers. Availability of our Technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. Monthly and annual maintenance Inspections. Equipment and programming adjustments during inspection. Annual assessment of your business security requirements
  3. Fixed price for the term of the agreement
  4. All work carried out on site or remotely (for configuration management), the Service engineer will also note down any deficiencies in the system and recommend work required to maintain, full, trouble free operation.
  5. A secure web address to access your surveillance system remotely
Full System Inspection and Testing
  1. Check whether staff have experienced any problems with the system.
  2. Carry out a visual inspection of all major components (including cabling and connections where accessible) for signs of deterioration or damage and rectify as necessary.


  1. Cameras are well connected and are configured for maximum and optimal coverage. Angles are appropriate for your site and lens zooming is in accordance with the camera specifications.
  2. Examine supporting brackets and towers for signs of corrosion and damage.
  3. Check physical condition of cameras and housings for signs of deterioration due to rain, dust and dirt.
  4. Check that field of view is correct.
  5. Check that all camera bracket fittings and clamping bolts are tight.
  6. Check that lenses are correctly focused.
  7. Check operation of auto-iris lenses as appropriate.
  8. Clean housing windows as necessary.
  9. Check that washer bottles are full, refilling if necessary.
  10. Check operation, blade condition and parking position of wiper unit, adjusting stop position if necessary.
  11. Check condition of pan / tilt unit, adjusting position of end stops and presets where applicable.
  12. Check operation of infrared units.


  1. Check physical condition and cable connections.
  2. Check operation of controls and adjust for best picture.


  1. Wiring is well shielded and protected. Visual inspection of all major components (including cabling and connections) for signs of deterioration or damage and rectify as necessary.
  2. Check physical condition and cable connections.
  3. Check operation of switchers and multiplex controllers including external alarm interfaces when fitted.
  4. Check time / date settings and adjust if necessary.

Video / (DVR) Digital Video Recording Devices

  1. DVR system monitoring (checks for system errors, video loss, network connection failure, and other system alerts)
  2. DVRs are well connected and configured for optimal recording experience. Configure motion based or continuous recording options. Data is recorded and stacked so that new data is never overwritten.
  3. Check hours run indicator and recommend for removal for service as appropriate.
  4. Check condition and operation controls as necessary.
  5. Check time / date settings and adjust accordingly

For all your Surveillance Cameras & DVR Installation

Security Cameras Installation System Configuration & Support


Security threats come in a variety of forms and are no longer confined to high-risk environments, as a result, training has become a top priority for organizations worldwide and especially in Africa lacking human resource base capacity for technology, communications and digital security. High quality, ICT security training programs are essential to minimize the risk and protect an organization's most valuable assets - its investments and clients integrity property. The ability of an organization/Government to assess a perceived threat and respond appropriately depends on the quality of its continual vigilance which can only be obtain through constant training and upgrade of infrastructure.

TransAfrica2000 Security Solutions specializes in developing and executing comprehensive training programs for government, state and local law enforcement agencies, businesses, enterprises and private organizations. We work closely with the client to assess the potential risk and structure of its threats thereby enabling us to prepare a module of training that will cover their needs. We then provide a self sustaining program that will supply and maintain safety and security fulfilling the critical roles of site development and operations, communications, security of investments, assets and people.

We offer quality services to management and board member's providing them with the knowledge of their 
establishments RISK AND THREAT ANALYSIS that will be valuable in providing better understanding for 
higher investments returns. 

Our highly experienced project partners, skilled team and robust logistics capability enable us to provide 
highly adaptable training services both at our premises or at the clients requested location.


CCTV & ICT Training Courses and Security "BOOTCAMP"

Our Integrated CCTV Solutions and Security BOOTCAMP Offer Dedicated Training Courses for all our Product and Solutions

Why take a CCTV Training Course?

By taking our training course you can benefit from learning the right way to install and manage professional CCTV & Security Equipment as well as cut down on installation time, fault finding and often avoidable delays in finishing the project.

What types of training can I get?

Our CCTV offer different training courses to suit the needs of the customer. We have specially trained staff to offer the right training for you and your staff.

Some of the training courses we can offer include:

  • All Major CCTV products including one of the best "GeoVision"
  • IP Cameras
  • Networking & Router Setup
  • ANPR Licenses Plate Recognition System
  • Access Control - Time Management and Payroll - Biometric Accessories


What is a CCTV Partner Training Course all about?

The CCTV Partner Training Course is designed to give you a good understanding of modern surveillance solutions so that you can install and configure them in the right way first time.

Our CCTV A-Z foundation two week course takes you through a number of key tasks when setting up and installing CCTV equipment, including:

  • Setup and Configuration
  • Compression and Recording Methods
  • Remote View
  • IP Networking & Router Setup
  • Hardware I/O
  • PTZ Configuration

What are the advantages of a CCTV Partner Training Course?

By successfully completing the Partner Training Course you also qualify for the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Margin with up to 20% off our Trade Pricing*
  • Free Website Listing
  • Discounts for Demo Equipment
  • Marketing Materials

How do I book a place?

To book a place on one of training courses, or to find out more information on the training we can offer you, please contact us on Mob. 0233244205118 or 0233500435630


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